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Beginning in the late 1940's, Maxwell started and continues to develop an unmatched range of actuated tooling, called Recessing Tools, to produce a wide variety of internal and external forms, on any type of machine, where other methods are not 100% suitable.

Referring to the following links that depict "typical" examples, the Automatic Recessing Tool is found to be the quickest, most versatile, or many times the only way to do the job.

A prime example of this is today's tendency to use the circular interpolation program on machining centers, to produce internal / external circular forms. Most times, the use of a Automatic Recessing Tool will be much faster, more concentric and provide superior cutting tool support.


Any consideration of using a Recessing Tool should first determine whether or not a standard tool can be used. Maxwell has designed a standard for most every job, and our specials are most times an extension of a standard, so that the cost of our specials is the lower obtainable to do the job, and the majority of spare parts will be standard, interchangeable parts.

Therefore, you may standardize on Maxwell with confidence that this affords you the greatest range of tools to choose from, along with;

    1. Our exclusive GEAR & RACK mechanism, which provides the most rugged, accurate, and long lasting drive train in the industry.

    2. Our advanced use of forward bearings, gives the user excellent cutting tool support, at the cut, reducing or eliminating overhang and dramatically improving cutting tool performance. This is particularly important on machining centers, NC lathes, and automatic screw machines.

    3. The most travel, or stroke, size for size found anywhere.

    4. Interchangeable shanks to fit any machine.

    5. Over 50 years of experience on specials when a standard is not the best tool for the job. Our background in and engineering library of special applications is unmatched.

    Special Applications



Specific job requirements and today's equipment options so varied, we have developed several types of Recessing Tools. The job parameters and the method by which the Toolholder is to be actuated dictates to us, the proper design - such as:

    A. Type of work to be done. (See typical examples)

    B. Methods of actuation -

      1) through a fixture or bushing plate

      2) from the part itself

      3) spindle mounted - most times using a drawbar or actuating cylinder

      The various models can many times be used in more than one situation, as outlined above, which gives us great flexibility in design.

      It is our sales and engineering department's responsibility to match the proper design to the specific job. Our 50+ years experience and large design library gives us the best opportunity of providing the very best tool for the job.