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While this is basically a reamer, No more - No less, it is commonly perceived as a special tool.

The Inserted Blade design does allow for greater freedom in constructing tools for special applications. However, the greatest advantages of the Inserted Blade design are:

  • Cost - replace only the blades, not the entire reamer. - Inserted blades offer considerable regrind life.
  • Heavy feed rates and quicker cycle times with the multi flute construction.
  • Rounder, straighter, chatter-free holes are attainable with even number of blades having a formulized stagger.
  • Several operations can be accomplished in a single pass.

Given a reasonable quantity, or the advantage of blanket orders, we can offer supply contracts on standard reamer sizes that are competitive to single piece reamers. This is offered on sizes from 5/8" diameter and larger.

Blades are interchangeable within a given model type or size range - HSS, Carbide, Coated, etc..


Wetmore offers the most complete line in the industry, and the most experience. Wetmore Reamer was founded in 1908 and has been serving industry continually since.

These years have created tremendous information history on standard reaming, as well as an unmatched library of special applications.

A reamer is designed to follow the hole presented to it. It will not dictate the centerline of the hole it is machining.

If the bore centerline needs to be established, a core drill or boring tool should be used, not a reamer.

Once the centerline of a hole is properly established, then the reamer is a premier finishing tool.

Reamers offer a method of sizing a hole - as to size, finish, and roundness and is an unmatched production tool, as measured by quality and fast cycle times.

The Inserted Blade style offers the user a choice of tool steel, treated tool steel or carbide blades which are interchangeable within any given size range.

Wetmore's combination of blade thickness and chip clearance offers excellent penetration and stock removal rates, consistent with the results desired.

Utilizing the many new cutting materials and processes available today, reamers can attain high surface footage / feed rates which translates into production performances unequaled by any other method.

Also, Reamers offering six, eight, up to twelve blades can be programmed to feed (owing to the multitude of blades) at extraordinarily high rates.

Typical Applications
Type #36 / #36S Chucking Reamers
(for bore diameters from 5/8" to 1")
Type #R36 / #R36S Chucking Reamers
(for bore diameters from 5/8" to 1")
Type #11 / #11S Chucking Reamers
(for bore diameters from 1" to 3")
Type #R11 / #R11S Chucking Reamers
(for bore diameters from 1" to 3")
Type #7 / #R7 Shell Reamers
(for bore diameters from 1" to 6")
Type #SP-7 Arbors
(for all #7 / #R7 Shell Reamer sizes)

           Over 50 years of experience on specials when a standard is not the best tool for the job. Our background in and engineering library of special applications is unmatched.

Special Applications